Winter Lawn Care Tips

Posted on 14 March 2018 (0)

The first thing people come across in your home or business when they arrive gives them the first impression. Your lawn is one of the things first seen by visitors and therefore give them the first impression. Some homeowners neglect lawn care during winter because they spend very little time in the yard. Lawn care during winter is most likely the last thing on our minds during the cold weather months. According to ,there are important winter lawn care tips you should put into consideration to help your grass stay healthy when spring arrives. Here are the best ways to care for your lawn during winter to have your yard looking greener and lusher next spring.

Cut your grass shorter

During the last month of summer, you should consider shortening the height of your grass. Mowing your lawn shorter will help it winter well without any damage. If you keep your grass tall during winter, it will be prey for mice and other rodents that need a warm place to stay. Mice may create dead spots and build their nests on your lawn. Keep your grass shorter as winter approaches.

Prepare your lawn

Get your lawn ready for the cold weather coming ahead by aerating the soil and fortifying it with nutrients. Aerate your lawn during the warm and growing season. During the dry summer period, your soil gets hard. If the cold weather arrives with the soil still compacted, your soil won’t be able to breathe. You can be sure your root system won’t thrive the cold season in this state. You aerate your soil by pulling the small plug of soil to create pores. This allows the root system to breath and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil. Aeration also helps create new rhizome and makes your lawn more luscious during spring.

Use fertilizer in fall

The best time for you to fertilize your cool-season grasses is in late fall or early winter months. Fertilizing during late fall will provide nutrients that will sustain your grass during the cold winter. Moreover, the fertilizer will also replace those lost during the hot summer period. This will help you have a healthy and green lawn when spring comes.

Clean it up

Removing the fallen leaves and debris may seem a simple task, but it is very important. During the cold winter, it is easy to forget items and equipment on the lawn. Clear the lawn of all objects such as toys, stray logs, lawn furniture after mowing for the last time before winter. If you neglect to rake the leaves, they can become a soggy mess that may breed diseases and even suffocate the grass. Leaving other objects on your lawn during cold weather can create dead spots due to the weight of the object on it.

Avoid excessive lawn traffic

People prefer to use the paths during summer when the grass is green and lusher but tend to use shortcut across the grass during winter. Make sure that the grass shouldn’t be walked on when short and brown. Try to reduce foot traffic on your lawn during winter. Always keep your paths clear from ice and snow to avoid the temptation of walking across the yard. You should also prevent parking of vehicles on your lawn.